For so long i struggled with my identity. Who am i as a person? What is my worth? What is the meaning of my life?
Infact, i believe as teenagers & young adults we are plagued by questions of identity and worth more so now in this generation because its more digital than before.

We let social media and external voices have the throne of our identies, the throne of how we define ourselves, the throne of our hearts. In doing so we become sensitive and more aware of how we feel in the flesh and then it becomes about “me” and what this person said about ‘me’ or what this person has and not ‘me’. It becomes comparison and gives birth to hatred, anxiety, depression, worthlessness, emptiness and the list goes on.

We then unknowingly place our values on how well our social media is doing. We then place our values on external voices and opinions. It starts off small and before you know it mentally we are a train wreck. There was a point in my life where i would look to others for love, for acceptance, for approval, for identity and when the feedback was good i was on a high but when the feedback was bad i was in the lowest of low. However, when i come before my heavenly Father, when i truly accept Jesus as my Saviour, He shows me who i am in Him. He reminds me that i am loved, i am accepted, i have a purpose, i am in the world but i am not of it. When i seek my identity in Him, He reminds me that i am already made complete. I dont need anything from anyone else that my Father has already given me. No one owes me anything. So my identity remains constant because He is constant.

Friends, i say in love don’t entertain the flesh. Dont feed it and don’t feed on it. Come before the Father in secret and let Him reveal to you who you are. You will find your worth and you will find your identity. That is a guarantee in Scripture.

I leave you with this.
Who are we? What is our value?
We are children of God. Not because of anything we have done or by fleshy effort. Simply because of Jesus. All He requires is that we believe. For by believing in Jesus we are saved by grace through faith. We now are adopted into His family and have the right to become children of God. We were bought at a price. Comprehend that for a moment friends. The death of Jesus on the cross is the greatest act of love there is. Does that not give you and me a picture of our worth? Of how loved we are? We need to know the love that He has for us. On that cross He paid the ultimate price for you and me. On that cross He paid for everything that we are in the flesh. How we feel, the fear, the fallen nature, worthlesness, hatred, all that is of flesh. We are now dead in the flesh but alive in the Spirit. The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. How amazing is that!

As a friend i encourage you and remind you brothers and sisters, walk in the identity that He has called you to. Your identity as a child of God. You will surely find rest.


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